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World maps are maps that represent most or all of the surface of the Planet Earth. They must deal with the projection and distortion problem because the Earth's three-dimensional surface is displayed in two dimensions.

On a world map, distortions reach extremes due to the cartographic projection adopted. Many techniques have been developed to present world maps that address diverse technical and aesthetic goals.



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World Map with plate carrée, an equirectangular projection.




Europe Atlas


Map old world


Platte Carre projection


World map


World map - Mollweide projection.


America Waldseemüller


World Mercator


World map - Mercator projection projection centered in Europe and Africa.


World map - Mollweide projection centered in America.




World map - interrupted Mollweide projection.


Physical map


Interrupted Mollweide


World Winkel Tripel


World map - Winkel tripel projection (modified azimuthal map projection of the world), centered in Europe and Africa.


Maps of Africa


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World Maps




World Maps


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