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The Republic of Austria (Republik Österreich) is a landlocked country of south-central Europe. The capital Vienna (Wien) is renowned for its architecture, classical music and great culture.

The country was reduced to its present borders in the 1940s. It has nine states: Burgenland, Karnten (Carinthia), Niederoesterreich (Lower Austria), Oberoesterreich (Upper Austria), Salzburg, Steiermark (Styria), Tirol (Tyrol), Vorarlberg, Wien (Vienna).

River ports: Enns, Krems, Linz, Vienna (Danube).

Border countries: Czech Republic 402 km, Germany 801 km, Hungary 321 km, Italy 404 km, Liechtenstein 34 km, Slovakia 105 km, Slovenia 299 km, Switzerland 158 km.

Administrative divisions: 9 states (Bundeslaender); Burgenland, Karnten (Carinthia), Niederoesterreich, Oberoesterreich (Upper Austria), Salzburg, Steiermark, Tyrol, Vorarlberg, Wien (Vienna).




The Parliament, in Vienna, Austria.




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Physiography of Austria