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Hungary FlagHungary is an European country, predominantly flat. The Danube River forms part of Hungary’s northwestern border with Slovakia, and then flows south through Budapest, the capital, dividing Hungary into two general regions. A low, rolling plain called the Great Alföld, covers most of the region east of the Danube extending east to Romania and south to Serbia. Highlands along the northern border of the country extend eastward from the gorge of the Danube at Esztergom and include the Mátra mountains, a part of the Carpathian Mountain system. Mount Kékes (1,014 m), in the Mátra Mountains, is the highest peak in Hungary. The area west of the Danube presents a variety of land forms. In the south rise the isolated Mecsek Mountains. In the north are the Bakony Mountains which overlook Lake Balaton. The Little Alföld, or Little Plain, in the extreme northwestern section of Hungary, extends into southern Slovakia. The Danube is Hungary’s most important river. Other major rivers, all tributaries of the Danube, include the Tisza, the longest river in Hungary, and the Raab and Drava rivers. Lake Balaton is the largest lake in central Europe.


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