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Salvador is the capital city of the state of Bahia, and was the Brazilian capital until 1763. It is one of the oldest European settlements in Brazil, which dates back to the early 16th century. For over three centuries, Salvador was the major port of Brazil.

The old city (Historic Center) is built on two levels, the lower on the waterfront and the upper on a cliff about 200 feet high.





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Santa Casa da Misericórdia a historic hospital in Salvador, Bahia, founded in the 16th century.


The Cathedral of São Salvador da Bahia. Construction started in the 16th century by the Jesuits.


Terreiro de Jesus, a historic square built by the Jesuits. Today the place have many historic buildings, the Cathedral and the Brazilian first College.


Cathedral Bahia


The old part of Salvador, built on two levels in the 16th century.


Historic Center






São Francisco Church, founded in the 16th century, in the Historic Center.


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Fort Sea



The Fort of the Sea. In the 18th century, Salvador was one of the most fortified cities in the world.









Salvador - Bahia





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