Canada is a country in North America, made up of ten provinces and three territories. It is a vast nation with a wide variety of geological formations, climates, and ecological systems. Canada has rain forest, prairie grassland, deciduous forest, tundra, and wetlands. It has more lakes than any other country. On a per-capita basis, its resource endowments are the second richest in the world after Australia.

Canada is the second largest country in the world. Most Canadians live in the southern part of the country. More than 3/4 of them live in metropolitan areas, the largest of which are Toronto, Ontario; Montréal, Québec; Vancouver, British Columbia; Ottawa, Ontario; Hull, Québec; and Edmonton, Alberta. French and English are the official languages, and at one time most Canadians were of French or English descent.




Above, Rocky Mountain stream in the winter, Canada. Below, Lake Louise, Banff National Park.


A grey wolf in the woods of Ontario.


Toronto and the CN Tower.


Coal Harbor, in Vancouver, British Columbia.


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Grey wolf


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Niagara Falls


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Vancouver, Coal Harbor


Canada Political map


Lake Louise


The Canadian Niagara Falls, in Ontario, at night. It is one of the main tourist attractions in North America (photo Niagara Falls Tourism).


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